The name implies a resistance against death… and the music conveys the struggle.

But before all that, Kill Thanatos was originally formed as a cover band by two students at Sussex University (Elias Chrysochos & Aidan Jee). The intention was to play more, study less. They also dreamt that they might one day become famous through writing original material.

As far as the first goal was concerned, the band was a huge success! With a completely unstable and ever changing line-up, KT managed a few rehearsals, a handful of badly recorded cover videos, a total of 0 gigs and two university drop-outs.
So with the departure of both Elias and Aidan from Brighton, the latter dream all but died as well.

After they both quit the whole uni thing, Elias kept the band name and decided to start recording and producing originals.

He got in touch with producer Chris Cara, who convinced him to record ‘Carry Your Cross’ at Soundscape Studios in Cyprus. 

When they entered the studio, the song was 7 minutes long. By the time the process had finished, Carry Your Cross stood at 20 minutes long… and Chris stood pissed off.

Nevertheless, Kill Thanatos came of age.

The Greek speakers of the world will know that Thanatos means ‘death’. (Not pleasant). Equally, ‘Kill’ is not particularly nice either. But putting the two words together implies the will to live.

And the lyrics and themes of most songs are in line with this – retaining hope through harsh conditions.