If you’re wondering how a track that you didn’t even know existed is suddenly 2 weeks away from release, that’s literally because it all happened at lightning speed – writing, guitars, vocals, drum recordings, mixing, mastering, video – the whole of August was dedicated to the cause.

Stefanos Meletiou features on drums for this one, with mixing duties left to Chris Cara (Soundscape Studios) and mastering took place at Panic Studios (Sweden).

As a forewarning to those reading, the track itself may cause some controversy. This has been a hell of a couple of years (for reasons that we’re all aware of) and each person has dealt with things and expressed things in their own way.

On a personal level I (Elias) have been on a complete yo-yo ride. I’m sure many people can say the same thing… But whilst some bands took the chance to produce material, the creativity really suffered for me. Creativity and survival just didn’t mix well in my world.

So finally, when the calling came, all the frustration, anger, doubt, sadness, amounted to a very determined workflow. And so here we are.